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  • Ace o Nerae! and Jin Munakata
    by Rosa María Carmona Plata.
    A portrait of the series' main male character. In life, Jin shaped the souls of Hiromi and those around her. In death, his shadow touches their hearts, his legacy to them one of greatness.
  • "Le Tour de Force" of a passion
    by Rosa María Carmona Plata.
    This is a study of Ranko Midorikawa, Ace! series' fiercest soul. A topical Manga archetype, that of the independent, tough, unruly though honorable opponent, who is finely developed into a complex, lively and endearing character. Hers becomes a life of thankless irony: loving Jin, losing his favor, learning of their kinship, and then losing him forever. From then on, she becomes the errand samurai figure: an strongwilled wanderer who refuses to give up her joy of living, feeling her brother's watchful gaze upon her.


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