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We hope you have enjoyed yourselves navigating through our "Ace o Nerae!" Site. We are aware that certain data may not be as exact as we would like and that some sections could be improved. So, if you have any comment, suggestion, idea or collaboration to propose, please do not hesitate to contact us asap. We are quite interested in you helping us grow this site with your own interpretations and opinion on Ace O Nerae! For a start, we have designed the 'Impressions' section so that their indexes can accept you and your contributions (if you have a web page and want us to list it in our link page, please tell us about it, too).

The way this works is as follows: in each index we would put an Author item detailing a brief self description of you plus contact data (if wished so: eMail would suffice). The works' titles plus a short description would follow (yes, you can send more than one). If you wish so, you could indicate the images of the Manga and the Animé you'd like us to decorate your text with, or you could send us your own illos. It would be wonderful that you could give us your text in both the English and Spanish languages, as we cannot guarantee that we are able to translate them the instant we receive it (we have a limited supply of free time do devote to this site, sigh!). We would do it eventually, though.

About the Fan Art Galleries, we still don´t know which publishing style we will choose: straight full size artwork or clickable thumbnails. We'd like you to comment on your art, from a technical, artistic or even emotional point of view. If possible, it would be really great that you provide us with a link to your own gallery pages stored in your own ISP's server, lacy that we are :-) (mmm, but then it should be listed in the 'Links' section, shouldn't it? Aw!).

We would work this out this way: you email us a message telling us you'd like to publish something, we talk about it and you send the data to us. We build the relevant pages and give you a link for you to try them. You comment on any changes you feel we should do or give us your OK, in which case we link the pages to the site for everybody to be able to see them.

Will you meet the challenge? :-)

Send your messages to both the following emails.

Rosa Carmona. eMail:
Juan Gómez Martín. eMail:

Best regards. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

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