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  • Characters' Galleries (thumbnail images produce new browser windows):
  • Jin's pasion:
    • Midnight and the monk
      Daigo's arrival, Jin's fast progressing illness, and a transfer of powers over Hiromi's future.
    • The Omen
      Jin and Daigo, friends and rivals, young and competitive, and then everything changed forever.
    • A lie and a good-bye
      Jin leaves the scene as per his wishes, silent in the dark.
    • Jin's Wake
      An emotional and technical tour de force.

  • Beyond samurai on Nikes
    Not quite your standard japanese sport drama characters.
  • That tortured style...
    Some samples of the distictive act endings' art.
  • Visual Effects
    Some samples of the remarcable use of mood-enhancing VFXs in the series.


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