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Ace has much in common with other sport-oriented Animé series: this overly exagerated sense of competition and honor, distorted and aggrandized to the max. They are not sportsmen, rivals, competitors: they are... well, they are Klingons, and today is a good day to die at the court.

What's different in Ace? Well, not that much. There is something else, though, and it's the fact that Hiromi, as Jin's legacy to the tennis sports, is protected and loved by the very ones that will have to oppose her at the court. Since Jin's passing away, there is always this sense of love and caring amongst them, even in the midst of the fiercest matchs, this warm feeling of unbreakable friendship and camaraderie, far beyond the admiring respect so prevalently remarked in the rest of the genre's Animé.

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