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Dezaki's productions have been always characterized by an intense use of visual effects. From simple ones such as colored filters to enphasize the eyes of a character to more elaborated ones like, say, a filtered moiré pattern to create that blinding morning sea glitter.

The funny thing is that, somehow, Dezaki's Animé predates the Michael Bays and Finchers of today: the videoclip generation's directors with their powerful eye for dinamic use of photography: composition, colour, movement, creative "artifacting", etc. Of course, the animators of Ace o Nerae's time had a far more restrained and, should we say, formal attitude to the use of visual flash and onomatopoeia. Could they be the Ridley Scotts of Animé, as Gainax are the Finchers?

Aw, I'll let it drop (I think I'm pushing this too far). The main thing is: Ace's VFX are always there to underline and punctuate the mood and feeling of any given scene, any given framing. This, plus the masterful editing, gives the show its significant signature: a powerful and never ever boring feel for even the most mundane and trivial activities of their starring characters.

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