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Hiromi Oka is a young tennis player at Nishi´s Institute, the institution where junior japanese tennis players elite studies. She is a beginner but has great skills for tennis and what is more important, a will of steel.

Jin Munakata, new tennis coach at Nishi, will influence decisively Hiromi´s life. His job will oblige him to introduce great changes at feminine tennis club. He will reform training planning in its entirety and will restructure feminine team´s composition. Hiromi, an amateur, will be summoned to join the team as a titular player. Her colleagues, especially Mme. Butterfly, feminine tennis idol, not only are not going to understand coach´s decision but also will they blame Hiromi for it. She will have to bear an insufferable situation of distress and ostracism whereas Jin´s capacity will be discredited.

Nevertheless Jin will demonstrate that his decisions towards Hiromi were not mistaken as she becomes one of the Nishi´s best tennis players. Thanks to her generous, firm and optimistic character, she will succeed at the time of regaining her feminine companion´s sympathy and subjugating Nishi´s male tennis idol, Takayuki Tohdoh. However, Jin will oblige them both to give up their love for Hiromi´s sake concerning her future as a tennis player.

Under those special circumstances, relation between Hiromi and her coach will be strengthened. Such an affective girl, near such an attractive and interesting man, could not avoid falling in love. She will be corresponded although he will never let her know for he suffers a fatal disease, leukemia. After three years of being together, sharing happiness and pain, he will die leaving Hiromi under the deepest desperation. Nevertheless Jin will not leave her exposed. Foreseeing his inevitable destiny, he will ask his best friend, Katsura, a great tennis player that has become a buddhist bonzo, to continue his training in order to lead Hiromi to the summit of worldwide tennis.

Katsura´s help will be indispensable. He will take care and protect her from going mad after Jin´s death and will become her new coach. They will go through hard years but finally Hiromi will find love again with Takayuki and will reach worldwide tennis summit.

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