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To compile an accurate issue-by-issue guide of the Ace! Manga is a hard thing to do (oh, this Japanese language thing, you know... Sigh!). We are grateful for the help you are providing us with: this First Book summary is here thanks to you. Until this section is fully done, enjoy the "tankaubon" (graphic novel-sized re-issues) covers.

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Hiromi was a typical average girl who had a keen interest in tennis and who idolized two fellow tennis players: Takayuki and Reika. She was not exceptionally outstanding during practice, but had somehow caught the coach, Munakata’s attention.

It then came as a surprise that Hiromi was chosen by the coach to play in the next tournament. Reika, who disapproved it, tried to persuade Hiromi to reject the coach’s decision.

The next day at practice, Hiromi was shunned. Her comrades were criticizing her lack of talent. While she was crying alone after practice, Takayuki came and consoled her.

It was now time for the competition, and Reika, having a change of heart, had lent Hiromi her tennis racket. She lost her first match however, due to cramp in her calves, and on the way home, Takayuki offered to give her a ride home on his bicycle, making Reika jealous.

On the day Hiromi was to play against Otowa (who had challenged her for occupying her place as a tennis club representative), she realized she had lost the racket Reika had given her, so Takayuki told her to use his instead. This time, she beat Otowa 7-5.

At the next competition, Hiromi beat her opponent 7-5; nevertheless, at her next match, she must face Ranko who beat her squarely 6-0.

At the next meeting, the female club members demanded Munakata’s resignation, saying that he was not a good coach, only concentrating on one player only. Fortunately, Takayuki was able to control the situation.

Having recovered from an accident in which she was hurt by pieces of glass, Reika returned the racket, which she had given to Hiromi last time, as a favour to Hiromi’s get-well flowers. However, Reika would not reveal where she found it. Then the time came when Hiromi had to fight against Reika, and the former was beaten squarely 6-0 6-0.

Sensing Hiromi’s potential threat against her reign in tennis, Reika gave Hiromi the ultimatum of quitting tennis or else losing her friendship. Hiromi decided that Reika’s friendship was more valuable, and chose to quit tennis instead. Only Takayuki knew the reason, and told Munakata about it.

Days passed, Hiromi could not fight the urge to practice tennis, and then, Maki, Hiromi’s best friend, called and asked her why she had skipped practice for so many days. ‘Skipped’ she thought, she realized that Munakata did not tell the club she had quit.

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